For over 20 years, our business has been built on quality workmanship and excellent service.

As one of the most successful retaining stone house contractors, we are proud to have built a reputation in the industry for providing only the highest standard in civil construction earthworks, contracting and site works. Experienced operators, quality rock and reliable equipment help make DNA Stone Constructions the first choice for many engineers and developers.

Our company has produced some of premier rock wall developments, including commercial properties, shopping centers, schools, subdivisions and main roads.

Our extensive knowledge and expertise from decades in the industry ensures that every wall we create is designed and engineered to the highest standard. Client satisfaction is of paramount importance to us, as we seek to develop each new project into a valued and long term working relationship.


We are committed to ensuring our Stone houses are built to only the highest standard, on time and within budget.

We control every aspect of our service from resource quarrying to transport, maintenance and construction, ensuring quality is maintained across the board.

As a specialist rock retaining House contractor, we are able to design and construct high Houses.




Every house we build is designed by a Professional Engineer who works closely with the Company throughout the entire construction process. To maintain our high operating standards, all staff and contract Engineers are familiar with the Company’s procedures, expectations and quality control measures. This allows us to not only ensure a safe and stable design for every house, but identify and address any potential problems during construction.


We are in a unique position to guarantee the quality of our products and services, as we control every aspect of our work internally.

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