DNA Stone provides 4 benefits of natural stone facades

Natural stone is a basic building material used for facades from hundreds of years ago. Nowadays, it is important to build a sustainable home using green products. In this case, natural stone is the most ecological solution, with a lot of benefits for your facades. Don’t miss them!

1. Redrawing exterior walls
If you are redesigning your home, you can choose natural stone for outdoor application. Whether your style is traditional or contemporary, there is a natural stone that fits well. Natural stone cladding does not take long to build.

Natural stone is durable and fire resistant. While some houses tend to collapse to ruins, well-built stone facades will remain in place for centuries. You can rebuild the interface from the original stone structure. Moreover, natural stone is a free maintenance. There will be no need for paint and there is no costly overhaul.

3. The thermal mass provides natural insulation

Natural stone is environmentally friendly because the thermal mass of the stone provides natural insulation, helping the planet and your energy bills. A large thermal block inside the isolated part of the house can “flatten” the daily fluctuations in the temperature. The thermal mass will absorb thermal energy when the surroundings are higher in the temperature of the mass, and give heat energy back when the surrounding areas are cooler.

4. Stone houses have resale value

Whether you are looking to resell your home or want to renovate any home area, the first impression that pays the best deals is the return on investment. Many homeowners believe that natural stone is expensive compared to any other material, but often misses its properties and values: durability, resistance, beauty … Increase the value of your home with a natural stone facade!

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