Natural stones

There are many types of stones on the surface of the earth. Each of these stones has its own uses. These uses include construction. Nature includes many types of stones for building. However, these stones vary according to the place where they were found. It is important to know that there are many Of the countries that produce stones, and from these countries, Palestine, Germany, Jordan, the following are some types of stones.

Types of stones

The types of building stones were divided according to a set of standards and rules: stone by material consisting of stones containing mainly silica, such as quartz stones.

This stone contains aluminum silicate, in addition to potassium and lime, and these materials add to the stones the color of pink and sometimes red, while if the stone consists of iron and silicate aluminum, the color is slanted From brown to black.

These stones are usually made up of pure calcium carbonate, which is called calcite, and sometimes magnesium and dolomite. According to the area containing stone, stones were classified on the basis of the area established for them. Examples of these stones include:

Such as Ruwaishid stone. This stone is made up of the Ruwaishid area. It is characterized by its pure white, it absorbs a small amount of water, it has a certain stiffness and durability, and it can withstand all weather conditions in the summer and winter. This stone is characterized by its harsh structure, in addition to its small absorption of water and in some cases it does not absorb water completely, and it is capable of resisting all the weather conditions both in summer and winter, and it is characterized by its bright white color. The best types of stones.

According to the inscription:
The stone is engraved with a pointed fork so that the trenches are regularly distributed throughout the stone area. It is important to consider that the depth of the single click Approximately five millimeters. Sesame stone. This stone is engraved using chisels and the patterns are equal and parallel horizontally and vertically.

The stone of the teapot, this stone embossed in the form of a crop in an unpretentious manner, but the heads of the emeralds is removed from it. The stone is engraved, and the stone is engraved evenly. The stone is engraved in two phases, the first stage is manual and the second stage is sawed, while the second stage is the use of the pulverizer, which is required in this stone to be free of clicking and cavities. The stone is combed and this stone is settled, then combed using a special mesh and intensively, and this stone is considered soft stones.
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