What you need

Sydney Stonemason of DNA often uses Sand Plaster to make walls in your house very Strong and durable, it is not the easiest wall material to apply. 

It takes professionals years to learn how to apply an even coat that doesn’t need sanding. 

If you need your house walls to be Strong and nice looking, call us to sand plaster it for you.

Before we Begin

Sanding plaster is going to create a lot of dust, and this dust can irritate your mucous membranes as well as permeate the entire house. 

Sydney Stonemason of DNA will seal off the room where you will be sanding. Remove all the furniture, cover any vents in the room and use plastic drop cloths on the floor and over doors. Wear eye protection, long sleeves, a mask and gloves while you work. It also helps to use a plastic hair covering to keep the dust out of your hair.

You are in save with DNA Sydney Stonemason.

After we finish

Sydney Stonemason of DNA Clean everything before leaving the house.

No dust, No sand, walls are clean. and you will see a very wonderful walls in or outside of your house,

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