Front Gates

Once the four walls of a home are built and a fence is installed around the backyard, many homeowners view their private homely abode as a completed product. But to create a truly finished look that will differentiate your house from all others, consider installing a sleek, modern front wall for your property. It will add interest and flair to your entryway, enabling you to express your creativity whilst making the most of your outdoor space.


Tall front wall

If security or privacy is your highest priority, a tall boundary wall is the best option. Made of sturdy materials and built to the heights you require, they offer a safe perimeter for children and pets alike. To look less foreboding, consider incorporating some design elements or garden beds to soften the aesthetic.


Low wall

If you’re hoping to create a property boundary, but privacy is of minimal concern, a low-levelled wall is an ideal choice. With this option, the front of your house will be proudly showcased to neighbours and visitors.

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